A & R Brochu : your specialists in movie sets' conception  

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Everything started without knowing it...


André Brochu stops one morning to help a driver who had a flat tire. As the conversation progresses, the car driver proposes

to Andre to work on the construction of decorations for an advertisement. The experiment proved conclusive, and it did not take

more than so that Andre could be recognized!


Now considered a craftsman of Quebec cinema, he is called upon to work on several major productions quebec films, including

"Two Women in Gold," "Kamouraska" and "The True Nature of Bernadette" and working with several of our most illustrious

filmmakers such as Gilles Carle, Jean-Claude Labrecque, Jean-Claude Lord and Pierre Falardeau. On TV, he practiced his art on

the series "The  Newcomers" and "Marguerite Volant".


Fifteen years later, in 1985, Rejean Brochu, André's eldest son, joined his father in launching the A and R Brochu Enterprises

(Construction) Inc. They had just signed the beginning of a long and fruitful chapter in the history of the Brochu family!

Three other members of the family: Michel, Alain, and Johanne would soon join the adventure.


Whether in our workshop in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville or in the Studios of Montreal, our passion and expertise for the

construction of sets has now been passed on to the 3rd generation of Brochu.